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Throughout the years, OEM dust collectors were typically supplied with filter bags which are one dimensional and manufactured from felted or woven filter medias.  As plants increased their production they typically would either continue operations as they were or purchase a new collector to handle the additional dust loading which is very costly and requires new permitting etc.  

Now with new technology, BVA LLC can help you increase your dust collection requirement with a simple change from filter bags to pleated filters. 

Our pleated filters are engineered to deliver solutions for most common baghouse problems:

Problem Solution
Not Enough Cloth Area

 Pleated bag filters provide 2-3 times the filtration area in existing equipment due to the innovative pleat pack design.

High-Pressure Drop

 Increasing filter area causes the air to media ratio to decrease when the airflow stays the same.  The pressure drop also decreases.

Bottom Filter Abrasion   Pleated bag filters are shorter than the fabric bags they’re replacing. This allows for a larger drop out area and less opportunity for bag abrasion.
Short Filter Life  Pleated bag filters offer up to 2-3 times the filter life over 16 oz. polyester felt bags.
Stack Emissions  Surface filtration media allowing for the capture of submicron particulate reducing stack emissions

This simple change will improve production, reduce pressure drop, increase collection efficiencies and reduce filter changeouts and maintenance time.    

PLEATED FILTERs FOR Baghouse dust Collectors

Our Pleated Filters provide options for undersized collectors without having to increase the footprint of your current collector. 

BVA LLC Pleated Filters are available for:

  • Bottom / Side Load Dust Collectors
  • Top Load Dust Collectors

Available in:

  • Low, Medium and High-Temperature Materials. 
  • Filter Medias:  Polyester, Aramid, PPS (Ryton)
  • Also available with ePTFE Membrane Laminated to the surface of all medias.


save time & money 

Pleated Filters are quick and easy to install and remove 


Watch these videos and see for yourself


BVA provides replacement cartridges for most cartridge OEMs

  • Multiple media choices: 
  • Cellulose and Cellulose Blends
  • Nano Media
  • Spunbond Polyester
  • Polyester Felt, Aramid Felt
  • ePTFE Laminate
  • Flame Retardant
  • Oleophobic

Helix, Spiral Tube Filters

Helix or Spiral tube filters offer customers options when there is limited space.  These filters can be installed vertical or horizontal.  Depending on the material, these filters can be cleaned which is an advantage to batch operations.

  • Spun bond and PTFE laminated Spunbond materials are available
  • Provides high efficiency and low maintenance solutions to OEM’s on new  designs
  • Filters can be “cleaned” for material batch changeovers for long-life use
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting options


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